Our Services

45 Riots provides live musical entertainment for your exclusive private party or corporate affair. We specialize in working with Technology, Media, Film, Fashion, and the Not-For-Profit industries, as well as electrifying all of life’s celebrations.

We have years of experience performing top-tier private engagements at the finest New York area concert venues, halls, hotels, and lofts. 45 Riots has set the vibe at corporate events ranging from galas and fundraisers, exclusive corporate-sponsored blow-out parties, product launches, to grand holiday affairs organized by global-reaching brands.

45 Riots also provides creative original artist production and development services, coordinating first-call professional musicians for studio recording and live showcase performances in New York City, nationally, or abroad. We can help you compose or arrange your original material, rehearse the band, lead the ensemble onstage, or produce a recording session. We can compose and produce original music for your creative project, from documentaries and film to cutting-edge contemporary music for your next album. We can even assist you with building your website, videography, editing, and other details required to launch in the industry. We will use our expertise and work closely with you as an artist in accordance with your vision.

45 Riots is a supporter of global cultural exchange, our local NYC musical community, and Not-For-Profit organizations striving to make a difference on our earth. Let us know how we might help your cause through live performance, creative music production, or musical education.